Till Foolishness is Exhausted

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Till Foolishness is Exhausted

We are here now, just as before
Returning back, again and again
This cycle does not have to continue
If all foolishness is abandoned

Foolishness is accepting ignorance
Of our true nature and truth of things
This has to be experienced directly
Intellectual understanding will not do

We have this choice every moment
To increase or exhaust foolishness
To make the journey pleasant or hard
Each other is but a traveling companion

Whatever you think, feel, say or do
All start and end in you only
You have to first be what you want
Be good and goodness will come to thee

This goodness is not social nicety
It is living in constant awareness
One alone is—this we call God
Each expression returns as experience

Whatever you do unto others
You must experience yourself as well
It may not seem so just right now
What goes around surely comes around

We are each other’s training aids
We’re all working out our limitations
We each have the same task at hand
Otherness is but a deceptive appearance

Life’s classroom is always in session
Self-taught it is—the teacher is Self
We think: each for his own
‘Tis not true—Self is Self of all

Why settle for a little wealth and fame
These do not help end the cycle
Coming back—again and again
Only to endure different conditions

Spiritual life is inner cleansing
Abandoning limitation’s cords that bind
The mind-mirror must be rendered clean
For the inner light to shine radiantly

Each is working at his or her own pace
Have not opinions—live and let live
Not a blade of grass moves without the Lord
Life is the opportunity for eternal embrace

All limitation exists in the mind only
We’ve carried loads of it far too long
It has done nothing good for you at all
Freedom’s price is foolishness abandoned

Swami Suryadevananda