Prayer #2

Prayer No. 2

O Lord, thou art transcendent and immanent,
Both, at the same time—the one Self in all,
Thou alone exist in all and as all.

Thou art the source and sustainer of all,
Thou art the substratum and support of all,
Very close to a heart that longs for thee,
But far beyond reach of mind and intellect.

Help me O Lord to cleanse and purify,
This mind, intellect and understanding,
This heart—the sum of all these three,
From clinging and rejecting within itself.

Help me O Lord to attain inner balance,
Where the world in all its variety,
Does not appear apart from thee,
And distinctions never arise in the heart.

Help me O Lord be centered in thee,
O ocean of compassion and grace,
Thou art supreme fulfillment itself,
All duality is perfectly reconciled in thee.

Help me O Lord to be occupied by thee,
Satisfied abiding in thy remembrance,
Please let this abidance be unbroken,
Durable for this life’s stormy seas.

Help me O Lord in real renunciation,
Which is every abiding in thee only,
This heart struggles with letting go,
Not realizing letting go is itself abundance.

Help me O Lord stay vibrantly thine,
So that all I do is thy adoration only,
Let me never stagnate or ever hold back,
Let all that is given flow ever freely.

Help me O Lord by thy kind favor,
Light the lamp of devotion in the heart,
So unwavering I be in self-surrender,
Every thought, word and deed ever praise thee.

Humbly I ask these things of thee O Lord,
Undeserving thou I be of thy grace,
Still I ask from thee just one small ray,
As I strive to be worthy day by day.

Swami Suryadevananda

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