Prayer #1

Prayer No. 1

O Lord, thou art self-luminous and self-existent,
Eternal, perfect, pure, free and all-pervading,
Beginningless, endless and unfathomable,
Without pain, sorrow, or any distinction thou art.

Thou art the indweller of my heart O Lord,
Controller of this world, body and mind,
The centre of the whole wide creation,
The first causeless cause thou art.

Thou are the source and sustainer of all life,
Becoming all, thou permeates all as the all,
Thou art the way, source, goal, truth and the life,
With form and without form, like ice and steam thou art.

Thou art my sole refuge, benefactor and master,
Revealing yourself in any form approached,
You cannot be comprehended by any at all,
Only realized in the heart made pure, dear Lord.

Seeing without eyes, hearing without ears,
Working without hands, tasting without tongue,
Knowable through intuition, never through intellect,
The law, law-giver and eternal law thou art, O Lord.

Thou art near to the pure of heart and sincere,
But very far from the passionate with desires filled,
Supreme witnesses of all thoughts and actions,
The reality of universal existence or sat thou art.

Thou are not responsible for one’s wealth or poverty,
All bear the fruits of their own thoughts and deeds,
The greatest doctor, engineer and mathematician,
The greatest magician too thou art, O Lord.

Lord, thou art the enjoyer and the enjoyed,
All of what we call the high and the low too,
The knower of all and every blessed object known,
The word spoken and breath that speaks thou art too.

Lord, thou art the manifest and unmanifest,
The breath of all breath, prana of all pranas,
The Self of all selves, the one ultimate truth,
Unborn, undying, everlasting and ever-existent.

Glory to Thee, O Supreme Indweller of all,
Our own ego blocks thy warm embrace,
Help us to overcome our stubborn foolishness,
Guide us to live the life divine, O Lord.

Swami Suryadevananda

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