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27 July: The 19th video in the series Yoga Vasistha has joined YouTube and the website. Today's topic is: the fourth of the seven states or planes of wisdom: satvāpatti or natural turning away from sense pleasure and dwelling in truth. We also talked about four simple ways towards this: (1) do what should be done because it needs to be done and not for any other purpose, (2) refrain from doing what should not be done, knowing intuitively that it should not be done, (3) live a simple and natural life, and, (4) live in accordance with the teachings, engage yourself in appropriate activity and accept whatever happens naturally. Click here to see the video on YouTube (60min). Click here to read or download the video 471mb, audio 72mb or pdf handout   

Yoga Vasistha, Part 19

The Yoga Vasistha being a flowing dialogue between Rama and Vasistha, does not give structure in the text but I have tried to provide some in the hopes that it may make it easier to follow along. 

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This website is the primary venue of my work which extends to my YouTube channel and the Sivananda Daily Readings blogsite - which can both be subscribed to. I do not have any technical background and so this, is and will continue to be a work-in-progress. There is no cost for anything and no need to sign-up, so help yourself to anything that you may find useful for your personal use.

YouTube: work on YouTube was a challenge to get started as I had never done any video before. I was a little familiar with slides, so I felt combining video with slides would be a good way to share thoughts.

Sivananda Daily Readings: subscribers receive a page sized teaching each day for the next day as subscribers are in different time zones. The teachings are content progressive and a good way to step into the new day.

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